Trimaris Royal University


Your first step is to register as a TRU Student. This may be with the TRU Chancellor directly at assigned registration opportunities or online. You can register via the Student Registration (A registration link is also available on the right hand side of this page.) You will then receive your Educational Passport. If you register online you can download the Passport and print it directly from the website. Student Passport PDF. Or you can pick up your passport at the next Kingdom event with the TRU Chancellor. Your first Passport from the TRU Chancellor is free; after that, a replacement will cost you $1.

It is your responsibility to retain and maintain your Passport. When you attend a class, you should fill out the Class Date, Class Name, and Teacher sections in your Passport. This is the student’s responsibility. PLEASE PRINT LEGIBLY! Please have the teacher sign your passport for that class.

All classes taught at official SCA meetings and SCA events can be included on your Passport. Classes that are listed and offered on the official schedule of any SCA war (such as Gulf Wars and Pennsic Wars) may be applied towards your track completion, too.

There are three levels of TRU recognition: Novice, Journeyman, and Masterwork. Six classes are required to complete each level. As each level is completed, the TRU Chancellor will certify your advancement. When all four levels are completed, the TRU Chancellor will certify your Diploma! Once you have completed a level and it has been certified by the TRU Chancellor, you will receive a cast pewter token as a symbol of your completion.

• NOVICE – all 6 classes may come from any TRU Track (see the TRU Tracks, Divisions and Categories page.)-Scroll Token
• JOURNEYMAN – classes may come from no more than 3 Divisions; for example, 1 class in the Performance Division, 2 in Domestic Arts & Sciences, and 3 from Textile & Needle Arts.- Scroll Token
• MASTERWORK – all 6 classes should be from one Category; for example, all from 2.4 Spinning.- TRU Graduation Token

When you have filled your passport, you must turn your passport in to the Chancellor to receive your token. You can scan your passport and email it to the chancellor, give it to the TRU Chancellor in person, or email the TRU Chancellor to arrange to mail the passport. Tokens will be given out in all Kingdom courts.

TRU Tokens may be worn or displayed by the recipients in any way that follows the Trimaris Sumptuary Laws.