posted Dec 10, 2013, 10:31 AM by Kristen Gilpin
Author: Madame Melissent Jaquelinne la Chanteresse
Poet Laureate 2013 MMM

They brought my brother home on his shield,
Mother screamed and father wept.
I sat by him and took his hand,
It was pale and cold in death.

They told us who had taken his life –
A knight named Ronan with wild eyes.
My rage burned hot and my soul was fierce
He would regret my brother’s demise.

You’ve killed my brother, you made my mother
Take her life of unending pain.
I will avenge them; you’ll die at my hand,
Blood falling like Christmastide rain.

For leaving my father so alone.

My father said I could not go
Because I was his only daughter.
I vowed I would avenge these deaths,
So I cut my hair, donned his armor.

I took his sword, it was heavy to me
But I knew my cause was true and just
I would face the wild-eyed Ronan,
And strike him down as I swore I must.

I came upon him on the field of battle
Slaying our men both left and right.
He wore no helm, his face was gleeful,
So I ran towards him and joined the fight.

Men slashed at me and I dodged them
Small, I could run through them all
I came upon the warrior Ronan
It was time for this murderer to fall.

He then gave me a mocking bow;
I swung at him with all my might.
His cruel laughter rang in my ears
This time, I felt my keen sword bite

His eyes went savage and he swung again
His blow struck me upon my shoulder,
I tried to kill him, but he was stronger
And ensured I would grow no older.

I fell.

As the light left my eyes dimming
And the rush of blood coursed through my ears,
All I could think on was the man I left
To live out his sad, lonely years.

Father, I am so sorry to leave you alone.