The king says the world is round

posted Mar 28, 2013, 12:12 PM by Kristen Gilpin
Troubadour Laureate 09/01/07

Title: The king says the world is round

Author: Aedan O’Diomasaigh

Well the King he says the world is round
So to pillage and plunder we go west
Warn the Pope for Italy we’re bound
We’ll steal his money and burn the rest

We sailed west till a song we heard
A siren cried for a child of her own
She’s dangerous don’t you get too near
So overboard our cabin boy was thrown

Well the sun was high and the wind was true
We drink and sing on our westward run
Heading ever west towards a shoe
God help us if we run out of rum

Roar bellow for food it had come
The waves crashed and the see it did spew
We ran to and fro as if struck dumb
Cried as one when the kraken we viewed

She was dreadful she was big and loud
But the boson yelled I can handle this
I’ll save us all he bellowed he vowed
It ate him and sank with bliss

West and west in to a clear blue sky
Captain says land we’ll see soon
If much longer I’m sure we’ll all die
But not before he hangs from the boom

The sky turned dark and the wind did howl
Poseidon saw fit to send a storm
We rocked and rolled our bellies turned fowl
The sails came down all tattered and torn

Well priest did not back down from that storm
Instead he cried I believe not in you
What I saw next was the most gruesome
Lightning flashed and blew that man in two

The sky is calm we can barley move
In my heart of heart I see our doom
I brought it up and the crew approve
Captain looks good hanging from the boom

Well this great crew seems have all caught sick
It wasn’t the food or drink or brew
I blame the pink rats I’ve seen on the ship
Can’t believe what they’ve done to the crew

Well the doc she tried to save em all
I think she did her job fine and swell
But a rogue wave took her overboard
And then she was eaten by a whale

Too far afield I think we have roam
Blue and white Lions yellow and green
Visions of a land of Great big fun
Have come back to haunt me in my dreams

The edge of the world grows ever near
It’s over now I see it’s almost done
Ever west no matter how I steer
Cause of this crew I am the only one

Over the edge I give a great cheer
Italy was lost but heaven found
I wish I could have had one last beer
Seems the priest was right I’m heading down.