So Far from Home

posted Mar 28, 2013, 12:14 PM by Kristen Gilpin   [ updated Mar 28, 2013, 12:15 PM ]
Poet laureate 05/24/2008

Title: So Far From Home

Author:  Don Aedan O'Diomasaigh

Irish lad borne in a river towne
Dreamed of sailing towards the west
When the barge for limerick comes round
I be on it he would jest

In limerick towne he dranke and sang
Soone his purse dry to the bone
With no liquir he felt a pang
Why am I so farre from home

Sailers offer drinkes in their sea slang
Drink much as your will allow
Woken to a shot nay a bang
ah! Boy in the navie now

The Watry sea did become me bride
fight with hanger I was shewne
Fought for money or tooke a bribe
What to doe so farre from home

Tooke up with a ship from trimaris
Flew a triskel blew and white
Met up with a lass most fairest
It twas an great delight

But king and sea did call me away
Yeares apart the sea I roam
Absence made her heart goe astray
What I'd give to be backe home

For king and queene we protect the shoare
Fight and sing and drank our fill
if the casks goes dry steal some more
Heave to and you know the drill

Warres are ore and me job twas dun
I liv'd on the suds and foam
And of children I have a sonne
And sometimes I dreame of home

Winters chill is upon this old man
As I set sail one last time
To see greene grass where once I ran
Quick ere the death bell doth chime

Death did come whilst I voyaged at sea

Plac'd me in my family tombe

Buried now a mistake it be

Here in Ireland so far from home