Se Bordweall Wille Astigeð Agen

posted Mar 27, 2013, 3:36 PM by Kristen Gilpin   [ updated Mar 27, 2013, 3:44 PM ]
Poet Laureate, October 9, 2004

Title: Se Bordweall Wille Astigeð Agen

MKA:  Richard Lobinske

 Se bordweall
fram ða land
Seo hearte of ðis folc
und na se leodhata
Ure worda forseon
Huntað swa se heort
Gereord of heora
spring swa unhælu
Tima mynie naht
swa Knut und suna
His boc na rimmaþ
Utan ealdor geanwyrde
From dægas of istoria
to Alfred astigen
und ða unræd
Niehst ða fyll of
Denelagu se gemynd
Norþmandisc licettanas
þis folc hyldu to
Seo igland wille

 wille astigeð agen
se bastard hæfde stalode.
se soþ cynnig gesið
to haebhe.
swa na clæne, werhð
in ða weald.
elreord und biter
on heora tunge.
we hæfden gearas geðyld
geasced beforan.
seo soð of ða land.
næfre weorð.
Hengist und Horsa
fram Guthrim forspillan,
gegiefen Æðelred.
Harold Godwinson.
Haardrada geasced.
na cunnan maceþ na treow
land und cynnig.
wuneð, Angleland

The shieldwall will arise again
from the lands the bastard has stolen.
The heart of the folk is the true king’s companion
and never the tyrants to own.
Our words are treated as unclean, cursed
hunted as a hart in the forest.
Speech of theirs, strange and painful
spread as disease on their tongues.
Time means naught, we have patience for years
as Knut and sons learned before.
His book reckons not the truth of the land.
Outside lords are noted, never honored.
From days of legend, Hengist and Horsa,
to Alfred rising from Guthrim’s spoils
and the evil counsels given Æthelred.
Lastly, the fall of Harold Godwinson
Danelaw is a memory, Haardrada learned.
Norman pretenders cannot make untrue
the folks loyalty to land and king.
The island will remain, Angleland