Prayer for Rain

posted Mar 27, 2013, 4:02 PM by Kristen Gilpin
Troubador Laureate: Martinmass Moot 2003

Title: Prayer for Rain

Author: Lord Dmitri Skomorochov
MKA: Michael Blascoe

Long ago in days gone by, men would work the land,
They'd harvest and they'd sow the earth, all with a gentle hand,
To nourish all the plants and trees, and wet the dusty plain,
Every night, they said a prayer for rain,

Roll of thunder, hear my cry, lightning heed my call,
Bring about, oh awesome wind, the greatest storm of all,
Cleanse this land of all the hate, cleanse it of the pain,
Bring to us the peace we need in rain,

The burning sun will dry the tired earth of all it's life,
A single ray of light can pierce the field just like a knife,
Golden sunlight gives us life, it also gives us pain,
So every night, we say a prayer for rain,


Fires ravage through our fields, destroying peace and rest,
The blaze can burn away our homes and make us lose our best,
When the flames have done their worst, we say a prayer again,
We say a prayer to bring to us the rain,

...Bring to us the peace we need in rain...