posted Mar 28, 2013, 12:22 PM by Kristen Gilpin

Troubadour Laureate 08/01/2012

Title: Alone

Author: Aedan O'Diomasaigh


do i hear your song upon the wind

do you sit in a tower dark and dim

longing for you love to finally see

open the gates let it be me


do not hide behind walls of stone

do not cry all alone

come to me heed my call

in my arms you'll never fall


you sit in your tower ever so high

I cannot climb no matter how I try

Lower your hair let me in

let the love story now begin


what is it I have to do

in your song give me a clue

slay a dragon or charm a snake

what is it my case would make


gaze out the window you sit and sigh

look down look down here am I 

a pauper a poet a man I stand

I've placed my heart in your hand


you lift your voice to sing a song

you don't hear but i sing along

a far you look for your love to see

but i'm right here please look at me