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2016 Arts and Sciences Faire: Awards and Accolades

posted Feb 22, 2016, 11:27 AM by Kristen Gilpin   [ updated Feb 24, 2016, 10:14 AM ]

Populace Acclaim - Cian Mac Cullough for his three legged turned chair
Laurel's Acclaim - Tablet woven band, Nishi Gori
Coronets Acclaim - Elizabethan Pomander - Amen Hotep
Crown's Acclaim - Beaded Pouch - Alane Godwin
Non pareilCountess Dulcia for her Roman Rag Doll

Gulf War Champions:

Roman Rag Doll - Countess Dulcia
Three Legged Chair -Cian Mac Cullough
Beaded Pouch - Alane Godwin
Tablet Woven Band - Nishi Gori
Reticello - Adelina de Bretigny
14th Century Undergarments - Alysoun Jeunterre
Elizabethan Miniatures - Mayken Van Der Alst
Vocal Performance - Killian Bauer