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2018 Art/Sci entries and accolades

posted Jun 26, 2018, 6:59 AM by Kristen Gilpin   [ updated Feb 1, 2019, 7:43 AM ]
From the 2018 Kingdom Art/Sci
  1. Medieval Cosmetics for Everyone by Gwlados Vachan wreic Tursten (Masterwork)
    1. Populace Acclaim
    2. Non Pariel
    3. Gulf Wars Champion
  2. Pass the Salt, Sweet, Scent, Shopping, Alms, Money Purse or Pouch: Selecting an Appropriate "Purse" According to Your Purpose by Franca Donato (Masterwork)
    1. Gulf Wars Champion
  3. Orangat by Matthias Von Greifsburg (Artificer)
    1. Gulf Wars Champion
  4. Ventuolo: Papercut Venetian Flag Fan by Franca Donato (Artificer)
    1. Laurel's Acclaim
    2. Gulf Wars Champion
  5. 15th-century Folding Chair by Robert the Bald (Artificer)
    1. Laurel's Acclaim
    2. Gulf Wars Champion
  6. Short Mead by Hextilda Marshall (Artificer)
  7. Paiza: Tablet of Authority by Gõcauo Ramiriç (Artificer)
    1. Gulf Wars Champion Alternate
  8. Iron Gall Ink: Based on Redaction from HL Ian the Green by Augustine Winter (Journeyman)
  9. A 14th Century Style Purse by Christine Chabrier (Journeyman)
    1. Crown's Acclaim
    2. Gulf Wars Champion Alternate
  10. Viking Era Belt Pouch, Birka Style by HL Dalkr Grabarthr (Masterwork)
  11. Hood from Skjold Harbor Dig by Lady Kahlan (Journeyman)
  12. Roman Chain Links of Fine Silver with Lapis Stones by Aibinn Ingen Artain (Journeyman)
  13. Shibori-Dyed Hemp Fabric by Inukami Ieyasu (Journeyman)
  14. Japanese Courting Poems by Calpurnia Fortunata (Journeyman)
  15. Riveted Coif by Anakhet al-Badawiyya (Journeyman)
  16. Kava and its Traditional Use by Illimenkinin (Novice)
  17. Recreation of Tablet Woven Band from Snartemo II Grave in Norway circa 500 AD by Ardien Dochesefford (Novice)
  18. Cinnamon Cordial by Reginald le Despensier ( Novice)
  19. Lady & Unicorn - Touch (Pyrography & Period Pigment) by Guillermo de Cevantes (Masterwork)
  20. A Viking Flat Braid Loom by Birna isleifsdottir ( Journeyman)
  21. Calligraphy Inspired by the Gothic Littera Bastarda Hand; Rendition of Chaucer's "Gentilesse" by Augustine Winter (Journeyman)
  22. Wivernwoode Geisha - a Noh Play by Miyomoto Toramasa (Masterwork)