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2015 Honors and Accolades from Arts and Sciences Faire

posted Mar 2, 2017, 8:02 AM by Kristen Gilpin   [ updated Mar 2, 2017, 8:02 AM ]
Adelheid Leinwater
January 11, 2015 · Orlando

Good evening!
What a wonderful display of entries did we have at our latest Kingdom Art/Sci this past weekend. The Laurels would like to express their excitement with the quality of the entries. Below is the list of Acclaim and awards from this weekend.

Crown's Acclaim: Baroness Maria de Andalusia/ HL Brygyt d'Arcy-Egyptian Necklace
Coronet's Acclaim: Giuliana del Chiaro-A Study of Womens Clothing from Several Northern City States of Italy circa 1540
Laurel's Acclaim: Lady Sof'ina Zhirinskaia-Figs from Grandes 4 eures d'auare de Bretagne
Populace Acclaim: Dalkr Grabarthr-Viking Era Bone Implemets: 959-1000 CE
Patron of the Arts & Sciences: Castlemere with 17 entries
Champion of the Arts & Sciences: Alysoun Jeuneterre-Tudor Overgown ca. 1546
Non Pariel: Dalkr Grabarthr-Viking Era Bone Implemets: 959-1000 CE

Our Gulf Wars Champions from our Kingdom Art/Sci
Dalkr Grabarthr
Alysoun Jeuneterre
Baroness Maria de Andalusia/ HL Brygyt d'Arcy
Johann Van Leuden
Mayken vd Alst
Baron Sir Morgan ap Gwalchmai Gwynedd
Alane Godwin
Lars Knarrarsmidr
Franca Donato
Alternate: Gwenhwyvar Thredegold;

Many thanks to all who participated and helped with the Art/Sci Faire, your service is invaluable!
A Special thanks to Baroness Jehannette de Lille for serving our judges lunch!
I would like to remind everyone that the A/S competition at Gulf Wars (Friday) is open to everyone to enter.
In Service,
Meisterin Adelheid Leinwater
Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences