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  • 2018 Art/Sci entries and accolades
    From the 2018 Kingdom Art/Sci
    1. Medieval Cosmetics for Everyone by Gwlados Vachan wreic Tursten (Masterwork)
      1. Populace Acclaim
      2. Non Pariel
      3. Gulf Wars Champion
    2. Pass the Salt, Sweet, Scent, Shopping, Alms, Money Purse or Pouch: Selecting an Appropriate "Purse" According to Your Purpose by Franca Donato (Masterwork)
      1. Gulf Wars Champion
    3. Orangat by Matthias Von Greifsburg (Artificer)
      1. Gulf Wars Champion
    4. Ventuolo: Papercut Venetian Flag Fan by Franca Donato (Artificer)
      1. Laurel's Acclaim
      2. Gulf Wars Champion
    5. 15th-century Folding Chair by Robert the Bald (Artificer)
      1. Laurel's Acclaim
      2. Gulf Wars Champion
    6. Short Mead by Hextilda Marshall (Artificer)
    7. Paiza: Tablet of Authority by Gõcauo Ramiriç (Artificer)
      1. Gulf Wars Champion Alternate
    8. Iron Gall Ink: Based on Redaction from Master Ian the Green by Augustine Winter (Journeyman)
    9. A 14th Century Style Purse by Christine Chabrier (Journeyman)
      1. Crown's Acclaim
      2. Gulf Wars Champion Alternate
    10. Viking Era Belt Pouch, Birka Style by HL Dalkr Grabarthr (Masterwork)
    11. Hood from Skjold Harbor Dig by Lady Kahlan (Journeyman)
    12. Roman Chain Links of Fine Silver with Lapis Stones by Aibinn Ingen Artain (Journeyman)
    13. Shibori-Dyed Hemp Fabric by Inukami Ieyasu (Journeyman)
    14. Japanese Courting Poems by Calpurnia Fortunata (Journeyman)
    15. Riveted Coif by Anakhet al-Badawiyya (Journeyman)
    16. Kava and its Traditional Use by Illimenkinin (Novice)
    17. Recreation of Tablet Woven Band from Snartemo II Grave in Norway circa 500 AD by Ardien Dochesefford (Novice)
    18. Cinnamon Cordial by Reginald le Despensier ( Novice)
    19. Lady & Unicorn - Touch (Pyrography & Period Pigment) by Guillermo de Cevantes (Masterwork)
    20. A Viking Flat Braid Loom by Birna isleifsdottir ( Journeyman)
    21. Calligraphy Inspired by the Gothic Littera Bastarda Hand; Rendition of Chaucer's "Gentilesse" by Augustine Winter (Journeyman)
    22. Wivernwoode Geisha - a Noh Play by Miyomoto Toramasa (Masterwork)

    Posted Jun 26, 2018, 6:59 AM by Kristen Gilpin
  • 2018, the Trimaris Summer of Arts and Sciences

    Are you ready for the Trimaris Summer of Arts and Sciences? Time to save some dates! More information on these events coming soon! Each event will be providing different arts and sciences focuses, so you can spend your whole summer learning new things (often in air conditioning). We look forward to sharing this summer of learning with all of you.

    Is there a type of class you are looking for? Post in the comments below and we'll see if we can get you matched up with the right event for you. Want to teach? We have so many opportunities, no matter your focus!

    Gathering of the Clans 
    -Period Camping and hands on classes
    -May 11-13, 2018
    -Camp Kiwanis

    Trimaris Memorial Tourney 
    -Book Arts Expo
    -May 25-28 2018
    -Camp Llanada

    Starhaven Art Sci Symposium
    -June 23, 2018
    -Discovery Christian Church

    Ex Opus
    -13th Century England focus
    -July 7, 2018
    -Unitarian Universalist Church of Fort Lauderdale

    Mermaid’s Faire: Rapier and Costuming Collegium
    -Rapier arts, rapier costuming, and costuming
    -July 14, 2018
    -Hernando County Mining Association Enrichment Center

    Trimaris Royal University / Res Doceri
    August 12, 2018
    Unitarian Universalist Church of St Petersburg

    Scriptorum and Heraldic Symposium
    -August 25. 2018
    -1415 W. Glen Eagles Road, Ocala FL, 34472

    Fall Coronation
    -Arts and Sciences Expo
    -Aug 31- Sept 3, 2018
    -Camp La Llanada

    Village Faire
    -September 28-30th
    -Camp Kiwanis

    Posted Apr 7, 2018, 4:09 PM by Kristen Gilpin
  • Gulf wars 2018, Champions and Results
    AnsteorraTimur Borte15th C shoes and pattens
    AnsteorraAibhilin inghean Dabhidh16th C Dances (Music composition)Ansteorra Champion
    AnsteorraDeanna della PennaAn icon in the Russian Style: St.Luke Painting the Virgin
    AnsteorraRene D’AmoursEnglish sonnet
    AnsteorraMartin Malone
    The strategies of defense with a single sword
    Ansteorra (Alt)Aurelia YverneauDevelopment of Pre-seveteenth century spectaclesAlternate
    Ansteorra (Alt)Elene KirchenknopfPatternDarned German HemdAlternate
    TrimarisFranca Donato16th century Italian flag fan
    TrimarisFrance DonatoTeaching display on 16th century italian purse varieties
    TrimarisRobert the Bald15th century Italian Folding Chair
    TrimarisGlavdosPeriod cosmeticsTrimaris Champion
    TrimarisMatthias von Greifsburg14th century French preserved oranges
    TrimarisGocauo RamiricYuan Dynasty Mongolian Paiza- metalworkingAlternate
    Gleann AbhannEmma del TreesWarp Weighted Loom
    Gleann AbhannFronicka van Wiedewelt16th Century German Women’s Bag
    Gleann Abhann Champion
    Grand Champion
    Perfect Score 

    Gleann AbhannCecilia AugustinaCreation of Deer and Sheep Parchment using Medieval Techniques
    Gleann AbhannJam RicaredizCrucifixion Scroll based on a 14th Century French Missal
    Gleann AbhannLady Abe AtsukoMomoyama Era Chawan (Tea Bowls)
    MeridiesKorinna OspreygeneiaPeriod Production of Roman Concrete
    MeridiesLote Winterborn16th Century Swiss Dress
    MeridiesCaristiona bhanLonne Hede inspired tablet woven trim
    MeridiesSophia BerkeleyBead Period VII: Scandinavian Festoon
    MeridiesThomas BlackmooreCanisters from the Mary RoseMeridies Champion
    NorthshieldLeona Talbot16th century izcik tile
    EaldormereLucia de Moronzaknitted relic bag
    EastEllice de Vallesmedieval pleasure gardenNon Principle Kingdom Champion
    CalontirSgabello chair
    AtlantiaCataldo Querinirepousee bestiary panels
    MidrealmGregory Bryant16th c english portrait miniature in setting
    AethelmearcOtto Boese15th century bollock dagger
    Posted Mar 20, 2018, 9:29 AM by Kristen Gilpin
  • 2017 Honors and Accolades from Art/Sci

    Patron of the Arts

    -----Barony of Castlemere

    Champion of the Arts

    -----Ambra Michelli

    Populace Acclaim

    -----Rendition of Bayeux Tapestry Boat by Bryetor Aison of Devon

    Laurel’s Acclaim

    -----Reconstruction of the Brocaded Tablet Woven Band B20 from Birka by Nishigori Mitsumune

    Coronet’s Acclaim

    -----Pyrography Headboard by Guillermo Alfonso de Cervantes

    Crown’s Acclaim

    -----Naalbound bag by Alane Godwin

    Gulf Wars Champions

    1. Patent of Arms Modeled After the Grant of Arms to Gregorio de Castro c. 1536 by Genevieve La Rousse

    2. Nordic Style Butter Churn by Dalkr Grabardr

    3. Reconstruction of the Brocaded Tablet Woven Band B20 from Birka by Nishigori Mitsumune

    4. I Fear This Path is Fraught with Peril’s Strife by Ambra Michelli

    5. Drawnwork Towel by Adelina de Bretigny

    6. Gallic Coat: A suite of clothing for a Romano-British woman living near the Vallum Hadriani c.125-175 CE by Dulcia MacPherson

    7. Naalbound bag by Alane Godwin

    8. Medieval Moneying by Gõcauo Ramiriç

    9. Reproduction of a Simple Roman Bead Furnace by Thyri Bersi

    10. Preserved Oranges by Dianna Wyndalan of Kidwelly


    1. Viking Woven Cap by Valeria Victoria de Deva

    2. I Fear This Path is Fraught with Peril’s Strife, Performance by Ambra Michelli

    Posted Mar 2, 2017, 8:02 AM by Kristen Gilpin
  • 2015 Honors and Accolades from Arts and Sciences Faire
    Adelheid Leinwater
    January 11, 2015 · Orlando

    Good evening!
    What a wonderful display of entries did we have at our latest Kingdom Art/Sci this past weekend. The Laurels would like to express their excitement with the quality of the entries. Below is the list of Acclaim and awards from this weekend.

    Crown's Acclaim: Baroness Maria de Andalusia/ HL Brygyt d'Arcy-Egyptian Necklace
    Coronet's Acclaim: Giuliana del Chiaro-A Study of Womens Clothing from Several Northern City States of Italy circa 1540
    Laurel's Acclaim: Lady Sof'ina Zhirinskaia-Figs from Grandes 4 eures d'auare de Bretagne
    Populace Acclaim: Dalkr Grabarthr-Viking Era Bone Implemets: 959-1000 CE
    Patron of the Arts & Sciences: Castlemere with 17 entries
    Champion of the Arts & Sciences: Alysoun Jeuneterre-Tudor Overgown ca. 1546
    Non Pariel: Dalkr Grabarthr-Viking Era Bone Implemets: 959-1000 CE

    Our Gulf Wars Champions from our Kingdom Art/Sci
    Dalkr Grabarthr
    Alysoun Jeuneterre
    Baroness Maria de Andalusia/ HL Brygyt d'Arcy
    Johann Van Leuden
    Mayken vd Alst
    Baron Sir Morgan ap Gwalchmai Gwynedd
    Alane Godwin
    Lars Knarrarsmidr
    Franca Donato
    Alternate: Gwenhwyvar Thredegold;

    Many thanks to all who participated and helped with the Art/Sci Faire, your service is invaluable!
    A Special thanks to Baroness Jehannette de Lille for serving our judges lunch!
    I would like to remind everyone that the A/S competition at Gulf Wars (Friday) is open to everyone to enter.
    In Service,
    Meisterin Adelheid Leinwater
    Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences
    Posted Mar 2, 2017, 8:02 AM by Kristen Gilpin
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